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That when surrounded by greatness, your own greatness shines.

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The Beauty - Part I of The Contemplation Series

"Sitting on a secluded, although very popular stretch of beach, on a lovely sunshine day in February, I was taken over by a moment of silence - a moment where all was clear and glowing and I felt right in the center of the Universe. Suddenly, I felt myself as an overflowing fountainhead, and quickly reached for my journal to capture this moment of Beauty..." So said Torry when the publisher asked her why The Beauty was so important to her.

We decided to present to you this poetic work in a form of a plaque, so you may hang it in a place that you will pass often during your day. We wish you to be profoundly inspired by the words and the love within it, and to look around and recognize the beauty in everything that surrounds you.

You are, also, one of the vessels - so please recognize the beauty within you as well.

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Torry Fountinhead has number of books at work, please check with us again for news of upcoming publications.

The Contemplations Series is a philosophical and spiritual literary works, one of the series Torry Fountinhead is writing. Torry Fountinhead also writes children's books.